311rs The pick up

"This is it?" My first thought when picking up what would end up being the 311RS Prototype. Jonny from Film Matters and I drove up to Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA from LA to pick up a Wicked White Evo X GSR to build as the first 311RS. In hindsight, it's fitting that the car started its life as a Jim Russell car (used for driving schools at Infineon Raceway). The car was beat on day in and day out by inexperienced drivers. It's cool though, because it only adds to the Evo's credibility. Being able to take that kind of abuse and still perform at a high level is what the 311RS is all about anyways. After a few words with the guys at Infineon, Jonny and I were on our way back to LA to get this whole program started.

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