311rs film shoot So since November, I've been quietly working to put together an event to launch the 311RS. And it's almost here! Finally. We needed a unique location that had room for the cars, displays, and most importantly, could play our "Promo Film". With help from etnies, I put the feelers out to some of our contacts to inquire about hosting our event. As luck would have it, the best possible location took us up on our idea - Oakley. Oakley's HQ in California is exceedingly cool. I'm still pretty shocked that we secured this location haha.

311rs film shoot
Onto the event itself. This will be the first time the completed 311RS Prototype (#00) will be shown. In the photos that have been available online, you can get a good idea for what the car is.. It's the details that have yet to be conveyed. Things like the E-Suede interior, detailed paint work, the overall presence of the car, etc..you just have to see the car live to really get a good feel for it. (note on E-Suede - I wanted to incorporate etnies into this program in a unique way, and with E-Suede being 3x more durable than typical suede/alcantara, it's a perfect fit for the interior of the 311RS.)

Beyond the car, we'll also be showcasing each supporting Partner of the 311RS Program. I think we're going with militar y crate-style installations for each. I want a cool way to display their par ts, so we'll have to come up with something. There will of course be drinks, food, girls, jokes, along with other things I'm sure.. We're still sorting through all of the details.

311rs film shoot

The biggest selling point for Oakley's HQ? It's equipped with a 400 seat amphitheater. Oakley's theatre is awesome. When I first walked in it blew me away..the sheer size of the theatre. As you enter, you're surrounded by a huge semi-circle of seats. 400 of them, rising up 10 rows. It's huge, that's about all I can say haha.

We shot our "Promo Film" at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA in ear ly October. A lot of time was spent prepping and shooting the film, it really surprised me how difficult it is to orchestrate a 23 person film production. Many thanks to all that helped pull the shoot off, it's really appreciated. Once we started working into the final stages of post production, it only felt right that we premiere it properly.

311rs film shoot

At this point there isn't too much media available for the 311RS, but we're working on it! That's mainly because I've been completing the final phase of development on the car and tidying up the small details. But, the car is nearly completed. Our "real" photo shoot next week at Infineon, things are really star ting to take shape. I'll keep things updated from here on out. Thanks all.

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