After all of this development with #00, what’s next? #01 of course. Recently we’ve secured the intent to build the first production 311RS, known internally as #01. Before we build all eleven (11) cars, we need to build one that will represent what a production 311RS will look like. One of the main components of the 311RS Program is all of the options that will be available to owners. We didn’t develop the world’s fastest Evo X for nothing. The intent with #01 is to give people an idea of what’s possible while building their 311RS. It will stay true to the 311RS concept, while sprucing it up a bit in every aspect - Exterior, interior, and of course performance. #01 needs to be special, and it most definitely will be. Look for it to debut around the End of October in Las Vegas.

That’s the news for 311RS up to this point. There is much more coming in the next few months that I can’t wait to share. To any potential owners ... know this - We have been working as hard as possible to make the 311RS the best it can possibly be, something that we chose not to rush. That said, I am not relaxing on this, we are just being thorough. If you have any specific questions, please email us at

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