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Welcome to 311RS

Where We Started

The 311RS Program was launched in 2011 after Ryan Gates’ Time Attack program with the all new Mitsubishi Evo X. The Gates311 program produced 4 championships and 13 track records over 4 years. More than anything, the program pioneered developments for the Evo X platform leading to the introduction a fully developed, turn-key Evo X unit dubbed 311RS. 

The meaning is simple – Ryan has raced with number 311 since 1998. As for RS, those two letters can be traced back to the word Rennsport which means motorsport in German.

What We've Done

In 2014, a production run of eleven (11) 311RS Evo X units were produced for owners across the North & South America.

2015 marked the end of Mitsubishi’s 23 year Lancer Evolution production run and the beginning of ur Porsche program. We assembled a working group of local MN Porsches new & old for use with development.

What We're Doing

We’ve spent the past five seasons developing eight (8) different Porsche platforms. For 2023, we’re rolling out complete packages for each of the platforms for public consumption.

When we’re not at HQ, you’ll find us at the track. Having just completed two seasons in Porsche Carrera Cup North America, we’re excited to be back in MN supporting our drivers & racers at events throughout track season.

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