Brake Pads


High performance brake pads from 311RS are available for modern and vintage Porsche platforms. In addition to Porsche platforms, we also support both Evo and NSX (Gen 2) platforms. Please see below for information on pad type and available applications.


Pad types:


1) Pagid Yellow RS29 –  Outstanding wear rate with a slightly higher coefficient of friction and initial bite than outgoing RS19 pad. Application: street & track


2) Pagid Black RS14 – Very good modulation, high fade resistance, low heat conductivity, and a good wear rate up to a constant temperature of 650 degrees Celsius (1202 degrees Fahrenheit). It is kind on discs. Application: street & track


3) Raybestos ST43 – Raybestos ST-43 are our favorite intermediate track pad. Very aggressive pad, yet easy on the rotors. They are down slightly on overall friction and initial bite from the most aggressive offerings, with the flipside being lower running temps and increased component life. Application: track


4) Raybestos ST31 – This semi-aggressive street/track pad combines the on-track performance of the ST43, with a street-friendly compound to produce a brake pad that delivers true duality. Application: street & track


5) Girodisc S/S – The Girodisc S/S or “street/strip” pads are a semi-metallic compound that maintains a consistent coefficient of friction from 0 to 1000 degrees making them an ideal option for people that are looking for a dual purpose pad that will work well on both the street and the race track. Application: street


6) Girodisc Magic – Girodisc “Magic Pads” are the solution to your squeaky, dusty, expensive factory pads. They have less dust than typical factory pads and much less than typical performance pads. Application: street



1) Porsche 991 GT3 & GT3 RS – Pagid Yellow & Raybestos ST43

2) Porsche 997 GT3, GT3 RS, & GT2 – Pagid Yellow & Pagid Black

3) Porsche 996 GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 – Pagid Yellow & Pagid Black

4) Porsche 993 C4S, Turbo, & Carrera RS – Pagid Yellow & Pagid Black

5) Mitsubishi Evo X – Raybestos ST43 & ST31, Girodisc S/S & Magic

6) Mitsubishi Evo IX – Raybestos ST43  & ST31, Girodisc S/S & Magic

7) Acura NSX (Gen 2) – Raybestos ST43 & ST31, Girodisc S/S


**Our brake pad catalog contains a wide range of brake pads for nearly all Porsche platforms. If you do not see yours listed above, please contact us and we’ll get your car stopping, now.**