Summer of 311RS

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012

It’s slightly depressing to think the Summer of 2012 is almost over. Days on the lake, weekends at the track, girls not wearing many clothes… things I will miss most about this summer. But it’s with great excitement I can announce that with the summer 2012 coming to a close, the 311RS Prototype (#00) has completed it’s final phase of development.

The goal of this final phase of development was to publicly test the 311RS through a series of grueling events that would put #00 through the ringer. Pushing the car as hard as possible to display it’s ability, reliability, and most importantly allow the world to see how well put together the 311RS is. We left off with a brief article covering our trek to Texas for TX Miles 2012, which was a huge success.

#00 recorded an inspiring 3.9sec 0-60 time, ran through the 1/4 mile in 12.4 @ 111mph and continued down the mile to a GPS recorded 163mph pass. A C6 Z06 runs 165 for reference. The posts below give you a look into the process in which we put the 311RS to the test. What we found turned out to be very promising, and quite shocking really.